Abilities List

Base Abilities

Attack, Atk Squire, Honor, Rampage, Spearhead, Flourish, Dogpack, Foxpack, Wolfpack Defense, Protect, Toxic, Golem Shield Drain, Wound, Arrow, Fireball
Gold, Windfall Crystal, Windfall Special, Zealot, Steal
Knockout, Renegade, Frail, Burnout, Dormant, Reaper Recruit, Transform Wood, Windfall Heal, Paladin

Custom Abilities


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Attack Based abilities


This is an ability in which the unit will have X attack. for every 4 attack that the units of one army have, they deal one damage, plus 1 for having any.

Atk Squire

This ability gives a unit in front of the unit bearing this ability X extra attack (if any). If the unit in front of the unit bearing this ability is a knight, then the unit will gain 2X extra attack.


This is attack, and will count as attack for the purposes of ATK boosting abilities, and is attack with one exception: The unit will only deal damage if there is an unwounded unit across from the unit bearing this ability, thus making the unit usually able to have more "attack" for a lesser cost.


The opposite of Honor, the unit bearing this ability deals X attack, 2 times that if the unit is "unopposed," or does not have a unit across it. Will count as attack for attack boosting abilities.


Will deal X damage for each unit on enemies back row.

Dogpack, Foxpack, and Wolfpack

Will deal X damage, plus X more for each {Dog, Wolf, or Fox} or {Soldier or Thief} adjacent to it.


This unit does X damage, plus X more if the unit across from this unit is wounded.

Defensive abilities


Will negate X attack, wounds, arrows, or drains.


The defensive equivalent of Atk Squire, the unit in front of the unit bearing this ability will gain X defense, if any.


If wounded, this unit will deal X damage.

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