Arthur Deck


In order to use this deck, you have to know the following:

  • Only use Herold/Andow/Willem on KNIGHTS, as they get x2 multiplier from ATK squire.
  • 1 Arthur on back = 3 Knights on front. If you have less then 3 knights on front, use Arthur on front

Beginning Phase 1

If you "draw" Johnn on your first turn, put him on back. You want to get arthur in as soon as possible. (scenario 1)

If you "draw" Tarim, Willem, or Ramm, Play them on front. (scenario 2)

Beginning Phase 2

Scenario 1: If Scenario 2 happens, execute scenario 2 and vice versa.

Scenario 3: If Scenario 1 Happens twice, and 1 unit is Willem, put Willem on back while putting Tarim or Ramm on front.

Middle Phase/End Phase

Your preference for this deck is to try to put as much gold producers on back as possible, while striking the opponent when possible. If you draw Syl, get Syl, and wait for Arthur. If you get Arthur, sell Syl to get Arthur. The point of this deck is to have as follows:

Arthur Kobi
Jolien/(Herold/Andor/Willem) Hale
Arthur Tarim
-- Tarim
-- Ramm
-- Ramm
-- Hale

Then you can deal a maximum damage of 88 damage, which is quadruple exquisite. NOTE: Damage rating "Quadruple exquisite" does not exist.

Combating Wound Decks

When against a Spike Deck, (or just a Payne/Illian deck_You might want to add the following units to your deck:

Combatting Forest Decks


This is mainly for combating Double Cast deck, but it still works for other.
When against Double Cast, add the following units to your deck:

These units can knock out most forest units (because of the ability "frail")


With the previous deck, you might also want to use it to combat a Caylish assassin deck. Caylish has an ability called "Smoke Bomb", which makes assassins immune to wound. The best way to deal with this is to:

  • Add the following units:
  • Remove the following units:
  • Try to arrow Caylish and knock her out, along with all other healers.

(c) Combating Era deck

To combat this, you need to maximize efficiency of the (original) deck with the following units:

You need to get Illian in play BEFORE Arthur, and then Tydus. Once Tydus is in play, put Illian on back, as he produce 4 Gold with the ability DuoTydus1

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