Update Log

+ V. 1.3.8 - What's New in Highgrounds
Text: Big update this week! We've revamped and streamlined the game interface around a new location, the base camp, added four new units, and a new "skill rating" leader-board, balance changes, and lots more! See the forums for more detail.

Update: Added Four new units, added base camp, added avatar change (from Groff to Tydus

Bugs: You go super fast when moving around base camp.

Other: You always challenge yourself in the original challenge line.

From the Forum:

  • UI refresh. Will hopefully feel cleaner to everybody. Key feature is a new ‘basecamp’ that proposes untimed matches for you to start as well as shows your existing matches.
  • New “skill rating” system in place. Formula: skill rating = weeklyBountyTotal * (PvPwins / PvPwins&losses). Note that weeklyBountyTotal excludes bounty gained via single player matches. We’re going to try this out for a week or two and then tweak the formula as needed.
          • Skillrank is used to determine the potential matches that the basecamp promotes.
          • We have a new skillrank leaderboard. Once we’re happy with the formula, we may start awarding additional rewards to top skillrank players. * We may also eventually change matchmaking so that it is based on skillrank instead of tournament rank.
  • Fixes to prevent players from getting the same ghost match opponent dozens of times.
  • Power booster pack and ultra booster pack are now locked, so new users cannot purchase them until they have played the game for a bit and hopefully bought a few value packs, which they really need to flesh out their library.
  • Your 4k bounty ghost match allotment is now a daily thing (6 per day) instead of a weekly thing. If you play all the ghost matches every day, you’ll get more 4k bounties than you previously did under the weekly system.
  • “Starter” boosters have been renamed to <Faction> boosters (i.e. “Gold booster”) and now contain 5 guaranteed commons and 4 guaranteed uncommons, with a low chance of rare, for 250 gems instead of the previous 550. This should make them much more affordable and useful to new players.
  • Four new units:
          • Ozzle – common Fox Spirit – 0 cost – *1 Fox Pack *Frail (front) & *1 Wood
          • Tagon – uncommon Flame Golem – 6c – *3 Att *2 Def (front) & *3 Fireball
          • Pomis – rare Minotaur Shade – 1c – *2 Rampage *Renegade (front) & *1 Crystal
          • Ryun – ultrarare Anubis Golem – 4c – *2 Wound *Frail (front) & *3 Def *4 Duo Rainer [+4 Crystal]
  • Balance changes:
          • Gild: cost increased to 4w. 1 Crystal moved from back row to front row.
          • Lare: ost changed to 4g + 2c.
          • Jade: cost changed to 6g + 3c.
          • Lemore: cost increased to 5w.
          • Ozgo: defense decreased to 1.
          • Mox: defense decreased to 1.
          • Rainer: +1 defense added to back row.
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